Hector Gaudalupe – Everyone should get a second chance in life

The death toll due to Covid-19 had shaken all of New York. Expert doctors from all over the world and top officials of government system had made it a promise to stay within the boundary of their home this spring. The whole of New York came under a radius. People were being given all-round instructions to improve their immunity, that is, immunity. The problem was that all the fitness clubs were closed, even parks and streets were not allowed to come out, then a 42-year-old man confidently told the people of his city – I am there!

Physical trainer Hector Guadalupe was also proud of his choice of profession at that time. He had already prepared for the online session. In fact, he felt at the outset that his clients were under great stress about the city’s conditions and epidemics and were drifting away from social activities. Who could have understood this feeling better than Hector?
Hector was born in Old Brooklyn, New York. Before being able to understand life’s high and low level, before the parents got up from the head. At the age of just 12, he came on the road. Roads in all the metros of the world become the mother of poor orphan children. Hector was also brought up by the streets of Brooklyn. Then this area was not as beautiful today. It was strangely Brooklyn in the 1980s-90s. Police sold guns and smuggling drugs was a public thing.
It is said that Gurbat, hunger and hikrat give unclaimed children often a dark world. Hector also went there. He began distributing cocaine throughout the East Coast. Within a year, he had become part of a larger smuggler group. The boys for whom Hector worked would make 60 to 70 thousand dollars a day. Hector’s work shift ran from 4 pm to midnight. But he wanted to earn more money, so he also took a shift from midnight to 8 am.
There was a lot of money coming, but at that age they could not understand where to spend them. Well, life itself is the biggest school. Within a few years Hector decided to start his work. He got in touch with a Colombian group and then started working with some friends. What was now New York became their network from Cape Code to Miami, Illinois. At that time, Hector was just 18 years old, but sometimes he felt like he was 30 years old.
Hector had no shortage of money, but there was no peace in that life. There was always a shadow of a shadow and it came true. At the age of 23, Hector was behind bars. The court sent him to jail for 10 years. He had to spend almost two and a half years in isolation. During this time, he realized that he would not do whatever he has been doing till now to live. He started working on himself.
Hector was a young man of a strong stature. Now exercise was synonymous with the treatment of freedom and loneliness for them. A new Hector was born behind bars. He says, “I found refuge in Fitnesh. This creates your strong character. Keeps you disciplined and instills confidence in you. ”In prison, Hector trained as a ‘Physical Trainer’. He lost about 90 pounds. Then he helped uncontrolled fellow prisoners, but also the prison staff to bring his body in shape. After his release, with the intention of making it a career, he did the necessary studies and got certificates. When Hector came home after his release, he had all the abilities. But for eight months, he did not call again for an interview. Yesterday was his dominance today.

Eventually a club gave him a chance, and then he did not look back. In 2015, Hector started a non-profit organization, ‘A Second You Foundation’, which trains and imprisoned men and women as professional personal trainers and helps them become part of the fitness industry. Hector says- Everyone should get a second chance in life. Till now hundreds of such youth have spent their lives with the help of Hector’s Foundation. Hector’s life journey so far has affected many Americans. He has been nominated for this year’s prestigious CNN ‘Hero of the Year’ honor.

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